What Kind Of Vehicle Do You Drive?

There are certain questions you can expect to be asked at every job interview, but some questions might come out of left field like: “What kind of car do you drive”

If your car is not that nice, you should not feel the need to hide it or lie about it. Hiring managers are not allowed to discriminate, but there are certain things that can be gleaned about a candidate based on the car he or she drives. First, simply having a car shows that you have a reliable form of transportation and should be able to show up on time. The type of car also shows how you handle your money. If your car is extravagant compared to what you make, it could show that you do not know how to properly manage your finances.

Points to Emphasize

This is a simple enough question to answer, and there is no need to feel pressured to give a “right” answer.

  • Be honest
  • Feel free to talk about your vehicle but don’t feel the need to justify why you have it

  • Engage in conversation about cars if the interview calls for it

  • Make sure your car is clean when you go to the interview

    Hiring managers may not even see your car, but if they do, you want to make sure you are making a good first impression.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    A simple question like this is surprisingly easy to slip up on, so don’t fall into any of these common traps.

    • Don’t lie about the car you own
    • Avoid saying you do have a car if you don’t
  • Avoid saying you don’t know the make and/or model

  • Don’t start bragging about the expensive car you own

    Many questions like this are asked to learn more about who the applicant is as a person. There is no need to feel like you have to impress someone.

    Sample Answer

    Your response should be short and to-the-point:

    I drive a 2010 Ford Fusion that I absolutely love.

    A more non-conventional answer to this question could go something like:

    I actually stopped driving about a year ago and started cycling. It’s really great exercise, and I’ve found that I’m able to get the office much more quickly than my co-workers.

    The best thing to keep in mind with this question is to just be honest. If you are offered the position, your employer is going to know whether or not you were lying, which is not going to reflect well on you. Honesty is always the best policy to personal questions.

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