What Kind Of Personality Do You Work Best With And Why?

When interviewers ask “What kind of personality do you work best with and why” they are really trying to decide if you will fit in with their company environment. Not every individual will be able to succeed in their company climate, and it is the interviewer’s job to weed out those candidates who would not be a good fit. By the same token, it is your job to convince the interviewer that you are one of the proper candidates.

Points to Emphasize
There are a few points that you will want to emphasize when answering this question.

  • Tailor your answer to the type of individuals that would work well in the company’s setting.

    • Give clear explanations of why you work well with such individuals.
    • Express how you are able to get along with various types of individuals.
  • If you have had experiences where you have had to work with various types of people simultaneously, share them.

    Remember, your goal is to sound versatile, but you also do not want to be too vague. Include examples and explanations when possible.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid
    Avoid the following mistakes and pitfalls when answering questions about personality types you work well with.

    • Do not just list off personality types you enjoy working with.
  • Stay away from talking about personality types you do not enjoy working with.

  • Do not focus on types of workers that you would probably not encounter in this position.

  • Do not describe individuals like you; this may make cause the interviewer to question if you would have issues working with people who do not work, think or act like you.

    Sample Answer

    In answering a question about the personality types you work best with, a proper answer could be:

    I work well with many different personality types. As a retail professional I have encountered various types of workers, and I find that as long as everyone has a clear understanding of the goal and work together to accomplish it, we are all able to thrive and accomplish the task at hand.

    However you choose to answer the question, make sure that you show that you are flexible to work with different personality types, and provide truthful, intelligible support within your answer.

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