What Kind Of Car Do You Drive?

If you are applying to a car dealership that deals with a specific type of car, this question may be quite common and used to gauge your car knowledge. In other cases, interviewers may be trying to get to know your personality type. As such, you want your answer to cast you in a positive light.

Points to Emphasize
In properly answering this question, there are a few points that you should emphasize.

  • Clearly and fully describe your vehicle, giving the year, make and model.

  • Explain how you got the car: whether it was given to you or you purchased it.

  • If you bought it, share why you did, stating the positive aspects that attracted you to the car.

  • If you have had your car for a while and plan to get a new one, share the kind you are considering and why.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid
    It is important to try to avoid certain mistakes and pitfalls when answering this question.

    • Do not give a cut and dry answer.
    • Do not question why they are making this inquiry.
    • Even if you are having car issues, do not share them.
  • Though you may plan to, do not speak about how you plan to get a new car after you secure a job.

    Whatever your answer may be, make sure that it is concise and shows thoughtfulness.

    Sample Answer

    In answering questions about the car you drive or other personal choice driven questions, your answer could sound something like this:

    I drive a 2005 Nissan Altima. After doing my research, I found that it was a reliable vehicle and received good gas mileage. I was able to secure it from a dealer at a reasonable price and pay cash for it, so I felt it was a solid investment. I’m happy to say that I have had limited issues with it so far.

    Remember, a complete answer to this question is not just stating the car you have. Make sure that you give support to show that it was a solid choice and that you are benefiting from it.

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