What Is Your Personal Mission Statement?

When asking this question, interviewers are trying to get back to the essence of what the question was originally used for. They want to see if you are truly committed to a career. If you can demonstrate a clear career desire that aligns with the company’s goals, you can stand out amongst other applicants.

Points to Emphasize
In answering this question there are a few things that you should be aware of and do.

  • If you have a mission statement on your resume, try to recant it as closely as possible.

    • Tailor your response to the position that you are applying for.
    • Show a desire to grow and establish a career.
  • Make sure that you can provide support or proof for all parts of your statement.

    Try not to make your answer lengthy, but be sure to paint a clear picture of your mission, and make sure that it coincides with the position you are applying for.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid
    Answering this question incorrectly can reflect negatively on you and hinder your chances of securing the job. Try to avoid the following mistakes.

  • Do not give a general, predictable answer that could be applied to any position.

    • Stay away from making your mission statement about the company.
    • Do not give a short, vague response.
  • Even if you are strong in certain skills, do not focus your mission statement on them if they do not relate to the position at hand.

    Steer clear of these pitfalls and be sure that your mission statement highlights you and your applicable skills and traits.

    Sample Answer

    A good answer to a question about your mission statement could sound like this:

    My personal mission statement is to continue to learn and grow in my abilities, utilizing my skills, training and personal character to thrive in any position I hold, while striving to advance in the company and contribute to its success.

    You want your personal mission statement to be concise yet versatile. It is also important to be truthful and be able to support your answer throughout the interview. If you do this properly, you can present yourself as a strong candidate and stand out amongst other applicants.

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