What Is Your Mission Statement

Interview questions can be extremely difficult to answer. It is common for them to have some hidden meaning, or for the information the interviewer is trying to gain not to be apparent. One of these confusing interview questions is, “What is your personal mission statement

The question may seem strangely specific, and yet vaguely off topic. Knowing how to answer is tricky. This question is a simple way for interviewers to learn a great deal about you in a very short time. It reveals your passions and priorities, and how you deal with a difficult question is also important. When tackling this question, you should just try to remain calm.

Points to Emphasize

Choose your words carefully, but realize that your attitude and tone speak volumes about you as well. Follow these tips to come up with a strong answer.

  • Be honest. You might want to come up with a personal statement before beginning the interview. Regardless, do not try to tell them what they want to hear.

  • If possible, be applicable to the job. If your life goals involve the job you are applying for, highlight it. If not, you can emphasize general qualities, such as passion, motivation, dedication, or patience.

  • Be passionate. Whatever your statement actually is, be excited about it. You want them to realize that you put your all into everything you do.

  • Be brief. Completely answer the question, but do not talk about yourself too long.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    There are also some pitfalls that you should avoid. These are some common mistakes that many people make.

  • Do not always try to be relevant. It is not bad if your personal mission statement does not include the job you are applying for specifically.

  • Avoid being wishy-washy. You should have a definitive answer and not have to think very hard to provide it. Your statement should already affect your life, after all.

  • Do not exaggerate or skew your answer to try and make it apply to the position more.

  • Do not forget to prioritize communication. Your ability to communicate complex ideas is on display with this question.

    Sample Answer

    By the nature of this question, a very personal answer is necessary. This is just a generic answer, but a strong response will likely be similar to it.

    My personal mission statement is to apply myself, wholeheartedly, to everything I do. Whether it is a personal or occupational goal, I want it to be clear to everyone around me that I am trying my best. I feel that anything less is simply a waste of time.

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