What Is Your Job Like?

When you step into an interview room, you will be faced with a multitude of questions. The purpose is not to bombard you, but to allow hiring managers to find out more about you. A resume is informative and helpful. However, bullet points are limited in what they can express about a person. You might be asked, “What is your job like” With this question, the interviewer wants to know more about your experience and the work environment you are accustomed to. The hiring manager also wants to know how well you can communicate ideas and if you are the type to be enthusiastic about your work.

Points to Emphasize

Even if you are moving into a completely different industry, you can use this as a chance to show how your past job responsibilities align with your new position. Help the interviewer see your relevant skills with your response.

  • Highlight anything you’ve learned from your last position that will help you succeed in your new job.

    • Focus on how you achieved results.
    • Mention completing comparable projects or tasks.
  • Emphasize challenges or obstacles you frequently encountered and resolved.

    Feel free to talk about your work environment and how coworkers collaborate and interact. Give the interviewer insight into how you are effective in the workplace.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    The hiring manager doesn’t necessarily need to know about you and your colleagues’ inside jokes, but give them a few important details about your position. Keep these tips in mind as you form a response:

  • Do not focus solely a list of duties and responsibilities.

    • Do not concentrate on negative incidences.
  • Avoid speaking cynically or pessimistically about any aspect of your position.

  • Be careful to answer the question completely and without evasiveness or timidity.

    It’s perfectly acceptable to leave a position because you are unhappy with the work environment. Nonetheless, always be positive during an interview. Find the good in the situation and focus on it.

    Sample Answer

    Here is an example of a good response to the question of what your job is like:

    I am an assistant manager at the local branch of the XYZ Store. I’m in charge of scheduling and ordering inventory as well as helping to oversee daily operations. I enjoy working with my colleagues. We stay professional on the floor and I make sure everyone stays on top of his or her tasks. However, in the break room, I like to foster a more relaxed environment so my employees can decompress.

    Remember, showcase that you understand the industry and can perform on the job.

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