What Is The Typical Job-Interview Process At This Company? How Many Interviews Do Candidates Generally Go Through Before Being Offered A Position?

If a job candidate asks you about the interview process, they really want to know what to expect during this time. This will tell them if it is a good sign that they get called back for another interview or if that means that they are going through more interviews than normal. When this type of question is posed, it is good for you, the hiring manager. It shows that the candidate is honestly interested in working for the company. It is also a great opening for you to tell them what to expect if they are going to continue on the road to possible employment.

Points to Emphasize

If you are truly interested in this candidate, you want to give them an answer that will make them feel confident and continue their interest in the company.

  • Talk about the normal interview process. Do they have to come back and meet your boss

  • If possible, tell them the average number of interviews people go through before they get hired.

  • Keep your answer positive. This will help keep them from worrying too much.

  • Let them know that while there is a norm, not everything outside of the norm is negative.

    Letting them know what the interview process is normally like will tell them about how much longer they should expect to go through the process.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Because you want to give the candidate positive information, you want to be careful to avoid these common pitfalls.

  • Try not to talk poorly about the company or upper management, even if it is their fault that the interview process is so long.

  • Be careful not to give them information that will cause them to worry unjustly.

  • Don’t give an answer that is too vague. Try to be as informative as possible.

  • Finally, do not forget to follow all company protocol when giving this answer.

    Giving the interviewee pertinent information will help them prepare for the rest of the interview process.

    Sample Answer

    Here is an example of a great answer to this question:

    Typically the interview process takes a couple of weeks, depending on the availability of the interviewee. Each candidate has to go through the initial interview, that’s this one. After that the more promising prospects come back in to meet with me and the supervisor that they will be under. If that goes well, they have a brief phone interview with my boss. And then the final interview is with a hiring panel.

    Letting the candidate know what to expect helps them prepare.

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