What Is The Job Above Your Current Job?

When interviewers ask this question they are really trying to gauge where you are within your current job. If your experience and skills do not properly correlate with the job that you are applying for, you might not be considered a proper candidate. Therefore, you want to make sure that you provide a proper answer to this question.

Points to Emphasize
Even though answers will not be the same for various jobs, there are a few common points that you will want to make sure that you emphasize.

  • State the job that is above your current position.
  • Share some of the main duties associated with the job.
  • Articulate how you feel prepared to fulfill such a position.
  • Highlight any correlation between your job and the job above yours, and the position that you are applying for.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid
    There are a few mistakes that you want to avoid making when answering this question.

  • Even if you are not fully knowledgeable of the job above yours, do not try to breeze over the question with a vague answer.

    • Do not provide a long list of positions above yours.
  • Even if you are not found of it, do not show distaste for the tasks associated with the job above yours.

    • Do not lie about the job above yours or its responsibilities.

    Sample Answer

    An example of a good answer for questions about jobs related to your current job might sound like:

    The job that is above mine is the general manager. As a logistical manager I do handle many of the same responsibilities, such as assisting customers and addressing their issues, opening and closing duties, compiling and analyzing reports and more. However, the general manager deals closer with the employees and contractors. Through my close work with my current general manager, I feel knowledgeable and experienced to be able to fulfill such duties in this position.

    You want to make sure that your answer fully addresses the question, as well as gives a clear explanation of how the jobs relate to the position applied for and how you are qualified to fulfill it.

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