What Interests You Least About The Job Or Creates The Most Stress?

When someone asks you about the negative aspects of your job, they are trying to understand your values. They also may be genuinely interested in learning more about the job, and they need to know about the negative side as well. If an interviewer asks you this question, they probably want to learn about your values, how you keep yourself motivated day to day and if you will be a good fit in this company. If an interviewee asks the question, they are trying to gain more information about the position, and trying to see if they will be a good fit.

Points to Emphasize

No matter who is doing the questioning, there are certain points that you want to emphasize.

  • Talk about how you have learned to keep jobs interesting.

    • Discuss ways to cut out stress from any position.
  • Be honest about what doesn’t interest you or what does add stress.

  • Make sure to also point out the positive aspects of the job.

    Answering this negative question in a positive way helps build interest around the position, and shows that you can keep yourself interested.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    As you answer this question, make sure to avoid talking about these points.

  • Do not talk about anything that will make you a poor fit for the job, or that will alienate the person applying for the job.

  • Try not to focus too much on the boring and stressful.

  • Be careful not to talk poorly about a company or individual.

  • Do not forget to keep your answer short yet informative.

    When you answer this negative question, focus on some positive aspects too.

    Sample Answer

    Here are two answer to this question, one from a candidate and one from a hiring manager perspective:

    I think it is important to find ways to keep yourself interested, but I have to work hardest to find interest in the data configuration that comes with this position. I know it is a necessary part, but I just find it boring. You do not have to do a lot of thinking. I’ve actually started using this new program to help alleviate some of the monotony.

    This is a very fast-paced and interesting position, but that can mean there is stress. There’s a lot that you will have to get done, and there isn’t always this long timeline. You have to really work on your project management, or that can cause a lot of stress.

    Talk about the negative part—what’s boring or stressful—but then also talk about how to alleviate that in a positive way.

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