What Incentives Or Disincentives Are There For Staying In The Same Job

Just like the questions you ask a candidate in an interview, the questions that an interviewee ask also reveal a great deal about the candidate. It is important that you do not only focus on the question you are asking. Starting an open discussion between interviewer and interviewee is an excellent way to improve the interview process.

Many candidates will ask about the incentives for staying in the same job. It is likely that they consider themselves particularly dedicated to their jobs and want to know if there are any benefits that build up over time. This is a great opportunity to sell the position to make it seem even more appealing.

Points to Emphasize

Use the following tips to provide an especially strong answer. Be sure to pay attention to their reaction to learn more about their priorities.

  • Be positive. Make it clear that you enjoy working for the company and that you are confident they will as well.

  • Be honest. If there are not incentives for dedication to the position, you can highlight that the job is its own reward or other aspects that are beneficial.

  • You can note that there is high job retention. If there is a low turnover rate for employment, it emphasizes that the job is worthwhile.

  • Provide specifics. Communicate that the current employees have spend a long period of time in their jobs.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Even though this question is an excellent opportunity, there are still mistakes that you can make. Avoid these common pitfalls to ensure you take advantage of this question.

  • Do not simply say there are no incentives. Even if there are none, you should follow up with other information about the position.

  • Do not miss the chance to ask about how long they were at their previous job. Find out how dedicated they really are.

  • Do not rush your answer. Even if there are no job incentives, giving some kind of answer communicates that the company cares about its employees.

  • Do not exaggerate. Sugarcoating the position is not beneficial for you or for the candidate.

    Sample Answer

    Be sure to include specifics in your answer. You can use the following example as a starting point for your response.

    Our company does make an effort to recognize those that stay with us for long periods of time. The job benefits do not increase, but that does not stop our current employees from staying dedicated to their jobs. Our veterans do sometimes enjoy added responsibilities or duties, however. How long were you with your previous job

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