What Five Adjectives Describe You Best?

In order to get a better sense of your professional attitude and how you would fit into the company, a hiring manager might ask something along the lines of: “What five adjective describe you best”

This question might seem like a slam-dunk, but it is important to put some thought into it beforehand. There are numerous positive adjectives you can randomly say, but you want to make sure that the words you are using are accurate. Do not say you are organized if your desk is constantly a mess. Using the wrong adjective could prove disastrous down the line if you get the job. Also, you need to make sure to use adjectives that describe your professional demeanor as opposed to your personal life.

Points to Emphasize

Preparing for this question beforehand will save you a lot of hassle during the actual interview when you are trying to scramble to find the words that describe you.

  • Only use positive adjectives
  • Keep your answer brief and concise
  • Be truthful about the adjectives you give
  • If the interviewer asks for five adjectives, make sure to give five

    There is no need to go into lengthy details about why each adjective perfectly describes you. If the interviewer asks for an explanation on any of them, then you can give it.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Although this question seems relatively straightforward, be careful not to make any of these common mistakes.

  • Avoid discussing adjectives that describe your personal life or physical appearance

  • Avoid stating an adjective that could be misconstrued as being negative

    • Don’t try to impress the interviewer
    • Don’t give a lengthy explanation for each one

    If you are offered the position, your employer will quickly learn whether or not you were being truthful with your answer. Be honest, and offer the most accurate depiction of yourself as you can.

    Sample Answer

    Your response to this question should be simple and straightforward. Make sure to format your answer like this:

    If I had to describe myself in five words, they would be: confident, ambitious, honest, organized and flexible.

    If the hiring manager asks for more information, you can certainly give it. Generally speaking, you can just give the adjectives without offering an essay for each one. An important thing to keep in mind is to avoid giving any synonyms. If you are going to say that you are confident, then you should probably avoid saying that you are optimistic since they are somewhat similar. Each adjective should be wholly unique so that the interviewer gets the clearest view of who you are as an individual.

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