With The Information You Have About My Education, Skills, And Experience, What Other Fields Or Jobs Would You Suggest I Research Further Before I Make A Final Decision?

It is not only important for you as the interviewer to discover if a candidate is a good match, but it is also crucial for an interviewee to decide if the job is right for them. Therefore, applicants who are truly interested in making the best choices for their careers will ask in-depth questions.

“With the information you have about my education, skills, and experience, what other fields or jobs would you suggest I research further before I make a final decision” is a question that you could expect. With this inquiry, interviewees are gauging how you describe the job and its relevant skills. This can be a strong determining factor, so you want to make sure that you answer this question correctly.

Points to Emphasize
To shed light and place the position in the right perspective, there are a few points that you will want to emphasize.

· State that you understand the importance of selecting the best possible position for the candidate to excel.

· Identify a specific job type that is related to the current position the interviewee is applying for.

· List a few of their relatable skills that would be needed in said job type.

· Provide a few actual job titles that fall under the job type mentioned.

Mistakes You Should Avoid
Along with things to do and mention, there are a few mistakes and pitfalls that you will want to avoid.

· Do not provide a laundry list of possible jobs that the applicant could apply for.

· Do not provide a vague or general answer, including jobs that require little to no training; this could be taken as insulting or unhelpful.

· Even if their skills would permit, stay away from mentioning positions that are not related to the position they are applying for.

· Do not just make up an answer.

Sample Answer

One way to answer the question could be:

It is important that you select the best possible position for you that you feel you will be able to fulfill, enjoy and grow in. I would suggest that you research jobs within account management. It contains many of the same management aspects as this position and has a stronger financial aspect, which could put your education in economics to work. Along with account manager, you can research the titles sales manager, advertising account manager and commercial account manager, to name a few.

Make sure that you fully answer the question, but do not divert from the job that the interview is all about.

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