What Kinds Of Experience, Paid Or Unpaid, Would You Encourage For Anybody Pursuing A Career In This Field?

The smart applicant will identify the needs, requirements and preferences of a position and play up their skills, experience and abilities to match the desired traits. Therefore, inquisitive questions like, “What kinds of experience, paid or unpaid, would you encourage for anybody pursuing a career in this field” can be expected.

When interviewees ask this kind of question, chances are they are not planning to go attain such experience right then. What they are really asking is what type of experience do you expect proper candidates to have, and in turn, what type of employee are you seeking. If their skills do not match what you state, they may question if the position would be a good fit for them.

Points to Emphasize
To attract the right candidates, there are a few things that you will want to mention.

· State two or three related experiences that would be applicable to the career field.

· Explain the benefits of such experiences.

· Highlight their relevance to the particular position that the interviewee is applying for.

· Share any success stories that you may know of pertaining to individuals in the job with the experience you suggest.

Remember, you are a reflection of the company. Therefore, you want your answer to not only show that you are knowledgeable, but that you also promote the growth and success of employees.

Mistakes You Should Avoid
Along with things to mention, there are a few pitfalls and mistakes that you will want to avoid.

· Stay away from providing a laundry list of possible experiences.

· Do not talk about experiences that are not related to the job, even if they are within the career field.

· Avoid withholding information about any available experiences that you do not believe the interviewee would be interested in or qualify for.

· Do not give vague answers or make up opportunities.

Sample Answer

A great sample answer to this question could be similar to this:

For individuals pursuing a career in the marketing field I suggest interning or volunteering with different marketing firms. There are many different styles that are used, and experiencing the various kinds first hand can help individuals find their best fit. Here at ABC Marketing we pride ourselves in being innovative and incorporating a variety of marketing styles, which many of our interns quickly learn and benefit from, which is why they often choose to join our company.

Though you are sharing general information, find a way to cater it to your company and the position at hand.

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