What Is The Employment Outlook Like In Your Career Field

It is very common for prospective employees to ask about the job outlook during an interview. For example, they may ask something like, “what is the employment outlook like in your career field” or “how much demand is there for people in your field”

If you receive this question, make sure to provide the interviewee with helpful and encouraging information. This way, they are more likely to accept a job offer.

Points to Emphasize

When you answer this question, it is important to discuss the prospective job, the company, and probable opportunities for advancement.

  • Discuss the possible opportunities available to the individual if they perform well.

  • Emphasize the reasons the job is vital to the success of a company.

  • Discuss any growth you have observed in the field, including more jobs or increased demand.

  • Highlight the reasons the position looks good on a resume.

    The best answers speak positively about the career field and it’s future outlook, helping the interviewee to see the value of the job and the company.

    Mistakes to Avoid

    Questions about employment outlook are sometimes challenging because you cannot predict the future. If you are asked this question, it is a good idea to take a breath and provide an educated answer. For the best response, make sure to avoid the following:

  • Do not answer vaguely and quickly in an effort to move on to the next question.

  • Try to avoid long pauses or lots of “umms” that tend to make it sound like you are not sure what you are talking about.

  • Do not exaggerate the growth potential available with the company or job.

  • Avoid discussing job losses, a gloomy job outlook, or a poor economy.

    The best responses provide the interviewee with hope and encouragement about the job. This reinforces that the job is a stable opportunity for the interviewee.

    Sample Answer

    When you are asked questions about job or employment outlook, a good response may sound something like this:

    The employment outlook for this field is good. This particular job is especially important in helping our company operate more effectively and reduce our bottom line. At the same time, your job will allow you to develop new skills that may qualify you for other positions. Many people grow with our company and build successful careers.

    Most interviewees already want the job, but they like to be reassured that the opportunity will provide them with a stable work environment. Make sure to provide a clear and honest answer that will help the individual feel good about accepting the job offer.

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