What Does The Company Reward

During an interview, the interviewer and the interviewee askquestions. While the interviewer usually asks the majority of the questions, itis common for an interviewee to ask questions about the job opportunity. Sometimesthese questions relate to the company. For example, the interviewee might ask,“What does the company reward”

When a person asks about employee rewards, they are mostlikely trying to determine if there are any other benefits to the job asidefrom the salary. While not every company has a specific rewards program, it isimportant to highlight key benefits that come from being an employee.

Points to Emphasize

It is especially important to discuss growth opportunitiesthat may be available if the employee performs well on the job. You can alsohighlight the following points:

· Talk about current employees who have beenrewarded with management positions because of a job well done.

  • Mention any bonuses that are rewarded.

· Describe the various things that the companyrewards such as promptness, being a team player, working overtime, andcompletely assignments on time.

· Highlight any rewards that are available to earnincluding employee of the month, extra time off, and free meals.

Every company has a different reward structure. Your answershould cover some of the top ways that employees receive recognition andrewards when they perform well.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

If your answer sounds negative or lacks encouragement, thenthe interviewee might decide to take a job with another company. To preventthis from happening, make sure to avoid the following mistakes:

· Try to avoid sounding salesy in an attempt toconvince the interviewee to take the job.

· Do not provide brief or vague answers that failto fully answer the question.

· Be careful to make it sound like only a fewpeople get rewarded.

· Try not to lose eye contact with theinterviewee.

Most of the time, the interviewee is looking for an honestresponse that will give them a little more insight into the company.

Sample Answer

Questions about employee rewards should speak to yourcompany culture and help describe the atmosphere at your office. The followingis a sample answer to use as a guide:

Our company is passionateabout rewarding employees in unique ways. We like to provide rewards onholidays or on your birthday. It is also common for emails to includehighlights about employees. You can get rewarded for something as simple ascatching an error, and many people are rewarded with growth opportunities basedon their performance.

Remember, the interviewee just wants to know that theirperformance will be valued. Provide an answer that is encouraging and helpful.

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