What Does The Company Do To Foster Innovation And Creativity?

One of the most telling parts of an interview is when it’s the candidate’s turn to ask questions. Their questions give you a bit of insight into what is important to them. When an interviewee asks you what the company does to foster innovation and creativity, it shows that that is important to them. When they ask this question, they are really trying to figure out if this is also important to the company. They want to know if their values match up with those of the company. They want to know if they will be stimulated and challenged if they were to get the job. This type of question shows you that they are truly interested in working for the company, and they want to make sure that it will be a long-term fit.

Points to Emphasize

Make sure to highlight certain key facts when you answer this question.

  • Talk about the importance of innovation and creativity.

  • Discuss ways in which the company helps encourage growth in these areas.

    • Keep the answer positive.
    • Give as much information as you are able to.

    Informing the candidates about how the company will help them be creative and innovative will make them want to work for the company that much more.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    When you answer this question, make sure to watch out for these traps.

  • Try not to talk about anything that will alienate the candidate.

  • Be careful not to talk poorly about the company, management or anyone associated with the company.

  • Do not give a vague answer because that makes you seem evasive and untrustworthy.

  • Try not to give an answer that you think they want to hear. Rather, give an honest answer even if it doesn’t match what they want to hear.

    Keeping your answer positive and truthful will give the interviewee a better sense of the company.

    Sample Answer

    Here is an example of a great way to answer this question:

    The company realizes that innovation and creativity lead to efficiency, productivity and new and better ideas. Because of the importance of innovation and creativity, we really strive to help employees be the best they can be. The company offers workshops and lectures that highlight ways to think more innovatively. There is a flexibility in the way you work. Meaning if you feel more creative standing, the company offers standing desks. This helps employees create their own environment. The company also fosters creativity by using a more hands off management approach.

    Truthfully tell interviewees how creativity and innovation are fostered in the company. This gives them an idea of the work environment.

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