What Do You Ultimately Want To Become

Many people are tripped up by interview questions. They commonly are not clear about what they are really asking. However, if you are able to recognize what information the interviewer is really trying to learn, you can give a very strong answer. “What do you ultimately want to become is one of these tricky questions.

This question is especially difficult if your goals take your life elsewhere. It can seem like you are not appealing to the interviewer because you have aspirations outside of their company. You should not feel this way. They really are just trying to get a general estimate of how long you hope to have the job and how committed you will be.

Points to Emphasize

There are many ways to answer this question, but the tone and attitude you have, as well as the way you treat the question, are more important than your answer. These are the aspects that speak the most about you.

  • Understand that leaving the company eventually is not seen as bad by the interviewer. You should be honest instead of telling them what you think they want to hear.

  • Whatever your plans are, be passionate about them. This will show them that you commit yourself to everything you do.

  • If you do plan to advance in a field related to the one you are applying for, emphasize it. If your own personal goals require you to work hard at your job, it will be encouraging to them.

  • Focus on communicating your answer well. Show that you are a focused individual who knows what you are doing.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    This question is especially easy to mess up. Avoid these common mistakes.

  • Do not rush. The question seems likely off topic, but you should still give it the proper thoughtful answer.

  • Do not seem disinterested in the job. Being passionate about something else does not mean you are not excited for this job.

  • Do not set your sights too low. You want to come off as a go-getter that is willing to put in the effort.

  • Avoid being distant. A personal answer is very effective.

    Sample Answer

    Your answer will be very personal and specific to you. The following is just a generic sample answer.

    I am very excited about working in the entertainment industry. It is not exactly the same field that I am entering now, but I am trying to develop my cooperation, communication, and marketing skills with this position. I feel like I will be able to work toward my eventual goal through this job.

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