What Do You Know About This Industry

Knowing the appropriate response to an interview question is not always easy. This is because they often are trying to uncover certain information that might not be apparent at first. Given the intimidating situation you are in, providing a response that answers the question and communicates the right information is quite a challenge.

The question, “What do you know about this industry is intimidating mostly because it is so open ended. There are many ways you could answer depending on what position you are applying for. The interviewer wants to ensure that you have working knowledge in addition to any professional experiences that are on your resume, but you can use it as an opportunity to sell yourself.

Points to Emphasize

No one wants to hire someone that does not know the intricacies of their field. Show that you know your stuff and that you would be a valuable employee.

  • Be knowledgeable. Before beginning the interview, doing some research about the industry is a god idea, even if you have been working in it for years.

  • Emphasize your communication skills. Just being knowledgeable is not enough. You should be fully capable of discussing and communicating the industry.

  • Make the most of the question. Opportunities to openly paint yourself in a good light are rare in interviews.

  • It is okay to show off a little. Be confident in your expertise.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    While this is an excellent opportunity, there are still many pitfalls you can fall into. Avoid these common mistakes to ensure your answer is strong.

  • Do not say anything you are not certain about. Nothing you can say is worth risking accidentally saying something incorrect.

  • Do not correct the interviewer. If they disagree with something you say, be gracious for learning something new.

  • Do not go on for too long. They will be very knowledgeable about the industry as well. You are not speaking to inform them, but rather to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable.

  • Avoid straying into unrelatable territory. Some information is not beneficial to know and expressing it here might make it seem like you do not know what is really important.

    Sample Answer

    The nature of this question is very specific to the industry you are entering and the position you are applying for. This is just a generic example answer.

    At my previous workplace, I was able to learn a lot about this industry. I know that it is one of the largest in the production field, which allows many smaller companies to flourish and find their own niches.

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