What Do You Know About The Industry?

You should be prepared to talk about the field you are planning on entering, so before heading into a job interview, be prepared to answer something along the lines of: “What do you know about this industry”

Hiring managers ask this question to see if you are truly knowledgeable and passionate about this field of work. This question is asked to applicants straight out of school in order to see if their level of education has helped them understand this field, and it is also asked to experienced professionals changing careers to see if they can successfully make the switch. Either way, be ready to answer it to show your level of commitment and interest.

Points to Emphasize

When answering this question, it is important to show that you have actually done research on this field and adequately understand its components.

  • Discuss information learned through trade journals

    • Rehearse your response beforehand
  • Cover the history of the industry from the past to the present

  • Offer your own ideas of where the industry could be heading and what you believe it needs to go further

    If this is a career path you are passionate about, you should have no problems talking about it and offering your opinion about the field.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    This is a question you should definitely be prepared to answer in an interview, and if you are not prepared, there could be some serious consequences.

  • Avoid saying that you don’t know anything about the industry

    • Don’t appear nervous
  • Don’t let there be a lot of pauses in your response

  • Don’t just talk about the industry for a short amount of time

    You do not have to give a complete oral history about this field, but you should be prepared to talk about it for about 90 seconds in order to show that you sufficiently understand its intricacies.

    Sample Answer

    Your exact response should be thoroughly researched and customized to reflect the field you are specifically applying for. However, certain points you can bring up should look something like this:

    I studied fashion in college and know that the Industrial Revolution really revolutionized the industry since mass production of clothing was now possible…

    In this example, you are showing where you got your information and then starting from the beginning. From there, you can continue to delve into the specifics of the field and offer your own opinions at the end. Not knowing a single thing about the field you are applying for can ruin any interview, so prepare beforehand and be ready to talk about the industry.

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