What Do You Do In Your Free Time?

When interviewers ask this particular question or others similar to it, they are trying to get a gauge for your personality type and to see if you will mesh well with the company culture. The best candidate will not only be able to fulfill the demands of the position, but will also be able to communicate and work well with others. Therefore, you want to make sure that you provide an answer that shows your personality coincides with the environment of the company.

Points to Emphasize
Though no two answers will be the same, there are a few points that you will want to emphasize in preparing your answer:

  • Show that you are serious about your career by sharing anything you do to gain knowledge of or experience in your industry (reading books or blogs, attending seminars, etc.).

    • State a few personal interests or activities that you engage in.
    • Explain why the things you have mentioned are important to you.
  • Throughout your answer, show enthusiasm in sharing your extracurricular activities.

    However you choose to answer the question, make sure that you are clear and concise, and completely truthful.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid
    In answering questions about what you enjoying doing in your spare time, avoid the following mistakes and pitfalls:

    • Do not completely focus on things that interest you outside of work.
    • Stay away from mentioning things that you do not enjoy doing.
    • Try not to give a laundry list of your interests and activities.
  • Do not mention any activities or interests that could be viewed as negative.

    Ensure that your answer is positive, clear and honest.

    Sample Answer

    To answer questions about your free time, you might consider stating something like this:

    In my spare time I enjoy brushing up on my skills and learning about any new changes or trends in the market. I subscribe to these business magazines and attend local seminars. On a personal note, I love Sunday dinners with my family and going shopping with my friends. I also take a kickboxing class to stay in shape.

    In crafting the best possible answer, you should incorporate elements of professional interest and things that you enjoy personally.

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