What Criteria Are You Using To Evaluate The Company For Which You Hope To Work?

Answering any probing question in an interview is sure to give the hiring manager plenty to consider. When you’re asked a potentially tricky question like this, you need to make certain that you know your interviewer’s motives behind it.

Finding out what your criteria has been when you’ve looked for companies to interview with shows your interviewer exactly what you’re looking for in a company. This will tell them if you are potentially a good fit for them and will also lend to deciphering your logic and rational decision making.

Points to Emphasize

When answering this question, be prepared to respond honestly and to the point.

  • Research the company you’re interviewing with beforehand so that you can tailor your answer to their specifications and attributes.

  • Show your logical side by answering intelligently and highlighting your excellent capabilities throughout.

  • Showcase your desired criteria with rational company characteristics, such as: location, benefits, company stability, company growth, etc.

    • Always keep your criteria positive.

    If you can keep this question optimistic and confident, you will show the hiring manager why you are an exceptional choice for the position.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Any interview question can have pitfalls that are easy to fall into, this one included. Avoid making these mistakes and come out on top of your interview.

  • Don’t come off greedy by stating that you’re only looking for more money.

  • Do not miss out on the opportunity to showcase your unique skillset when answering.

  • Do not ever answer with a sarcastic or negative tone when talking about desired criteria.

  • Try not to give a vague answer that could be given by any one candidate.

    Answering this interview question is the time to be creative. Don’t fall into the trap of having your answer be the same as every other candidates, put yourself out there.

    Sample Answer

    Finding the right way to answer such an ominous question is easy if you follow this example below:

    Before I began to interview, I selected companies not only based on location, job requirements and benefits, but on their mission statements, company goals and dedication to their local communities. I have been very impressed with the way that your company has carried itself over the past year of challenges and I look forward to adding my talents and leadership ability to the lovely framework that you’ve spent years building.

    When you’re asked this question, remember that it is just another way for your interviewer to find out more about you and another time to allow yourself to shine.

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