What Courses Do You Wish You Had Taken That Would Have Prepared You?

Although this question may seem rather problematic for explaining what sorts of skills and knowledge you have honed to make you a better candidate for hire and high –performance work, the interviewer’s interest in your desire to learn and improve yourself should not be ignored. All intelligent people have certain things they wish they could have learned. Sometimes life denies us that possibility.

From your response, your interviewer may develop a more applicable understanding of those ways you see yourself improving. Employers seek workers who will get better at what personal improvements you imagine for yourself.

Points to Emphasize

Answering a question about the courses you wish you taken in college gives you the opportunity to describe how your skills and room for improvement relate to your ability to perform your job well.

  • Discuss classes directly related to your field and those that offered other benefits.

  • Explain what these courses would have meant to your personal professional experiences.

  • Describe your personal interests that inspire participation in such classes

  • Highlight those skills you hope to hone through future educational opportunities.

While no one can understand the truest value of a class unless he or she has taken it and performed well, descriptions of classes we missed taking within a context of self improvement helps to reveal strength of character and a desire to accomplish fulfilling work.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

Any question that asks what you may be lacking in your educational and experiential makeup should be answered very carefully. Consider specific ways to avoid challenges and pitfalls that may mar your ability to gain employment:

  • Do not overemphasize skills you wish you had acquired.

  • Do not portray yourself as deficient in certain areas.

  • Do not play down the skills and traits that make you good at what you do.

  • Do not deprecate yourself.

The feeling of being scrutinized could derail your interview. As you describe the various classes you wish you had taken, be careful not to make yourself sound poorly prepared. Focus, instead on the skills and knowledge these classes would have helped you to improve.

Sample Answer

Your most effective response to a question of this sort may sound something like this:

While I had the opportunity to participate in many profoundly beneficial classes in college, there a few others I would have loved to have taken as well. What these classes had in common were engaging teachers, interactive opportunities, and the chance to improve diverse skills in me.

While it may be difficult to describe those classes you were unable to take in a context that highlights your skills, finding a way to present yourself as adaptable and willing to continue your education may help others to see you as a lifelong learner.

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