What Courses Should I Be Taking?

Informational interviews are commonly conducted by college students who are trying to gain insight into a particular industry before they graduate. Therefore, if a student is interviewing you, you may need to answer questions like: “What courses should I be taking”

Chances are good that a student interviewing you is already in a major that is relevant to your field and is taking classes that will help them. The purpose of this question is to see if there are any courses outside of their major they should be focusing on. Some classes are required in order to graduate, but it can also be useful to take certain classes that are not required in order to gain knowledge and skills that would not be gained otherwise.

Points to Emphasize

Maintain your focus on these attributes when you are answering a question about college courses.

  • Briefly talk about the majors that are desired
  • Talk about classes that are not within that major that would be beneficial

  • If the person interviewing you is not in college, suggest courses he or she can take at a local community college

  • If you want, briefly mention whether grades are truly important

    Certain careers are more focused on whether or not you have a degree as opposed to a GPA. Therefore, you can talk about whether grades are important or whether the interviewer’s focus should be on internships and gaining workplace experience.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    This question should warrant a fairly straightforward response, so avoid making these errors in your answer.

  • Avoid talking about courses that ultimately won’t help

  • Don’t feel the need to talk about dozens of courses that are required

    • Don’t say that you’re unsure
    • Don’t breeze over this question

    If you graduated from college, then you should already have a good idea of what courses are helpful in this field. Impart some of that wisdom onto the interviewer.

    Sample Answer

    An answer to an inquiry about college courses should be phrased like this:

    The classes you are currently taking in order to get your Accounting Degree should be immensely helpful, but I would also suggest taking at least one course in computer science. You’ll be spending a lot of time with computers no matter what company you apply for, so going in with some basic knowledge will help tremendously. I’d also suggest taking a communications class. I took one in college, and it really helped with my ability to give presentations.

    A college student going to you to learn about a certain field is obviously dedicated to pursuing this path, so help those students as best as you can

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