What Can You Tell Us About Our Company?

When you’re asked this popular question in an interview, the interviewer is gauging your interest level in their company. They are essentially making sure that you didn’t just randomly hit “apply now” on several businesses’ online applications and then hope to get interviewed at as many as possible.

With this query, you are able to show that you are interested in working for them and them alone by giving them a well thought out and honest answer.

Points to Emphasize

Giving an honest answer to this question involves digging deep, both into the company and yourself.

  • Research whatever aspects of the company that you can find: an “About Us” page, their LinkedIn account, check their annual stock reports, etc.

  • Become familiar with their products and services, not just their overall company.

  • Choose to talk about their company’s key points that you are especially interested in to show your excitement in working for them.

  • Find out what previous employees say by searching their websites and social media.

    Having a general knowledge of the company is simply not enough when it comes to an interview. Make sure that you’re taking your time and writing notes about your research to truly stand out among other candidates.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    To keep from falling into those customary mistakes that many do when confronted with this question, avoid these usual pitfalls:

  • Don’t believe everything you read about the company online, unless it’s coming straight from the source.

  • Stay away from any problems or negative aspects of the company when answering.

  • Don’t be afraid to use a little flattery by mentioning something that is special and unique to their company.

  • Keep your enthusiasm to a normal level; don’t jump out of your seat with faux (or even real) excitement when spilling about your love for their organization.

    By getting rid of these common problems, you can keep your interview running smoothly.

    Sample Answer

    Keep your answer strong, honest and confident by keeping with the bones of this sample response:

    My favorite thing that I’ve read recently about your company was in the latest issue of this acclaimed newspaper where they gushed about your amazing mission statement and desire to help your local community. I am constantly in awe of the superior products that you put out and know that I would make a fantastic asset to your company that’s already expanded into 5 different states.

    Sharing your in-depth knowledge of their company’s convictions doesn’t mean you just list out random facts. You can hit that question out of the ballpark with a genuine admiration for and excitement about their business.

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