What Can You Do For Us That Other Candidates Can’t Do?

This is one of those questions that’s not too difficult to interpret. It bluntly asks you to distinguish yourself from other potential hires. While it’s fairly clear, that doesn’t make it simple to answer successfully. Plan a strategy for addressing this question that shines the spotlight on your strengths and separates you from the pack.

Although the question might seem to imply that the interviewer is asking you to be critical of others, this isn’t the case. This question is about what makes you the best choice among the field of qualified applicants.

Points to Emphasize

Your response should definitely focus on your strengths, but from the perspective of how they will serve the company and its customers.

  • Talk about any special certifications or unique qualifications you have.

  • Keep the focus on you in reference to the typical applicant rather than comparing yourself to anyone specific.

  • If your proficiencies are typical for your industry, emphasize how you utilize them in remarkable ways, how your personal qualities make you exceptional, or how your combination of skills makes you stand out.

  • Discuss your interpersonal strengths and what you would add to a team.

    This question is an opportunity to sell yourself and your ability to thrive in this job.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Answers to this question can go downhill quickly if you’re not prepared.

  • Be careful not to appear arrogant. Focus on facts, not on your perception of yourself.

  • Don’t put anyone else down in order go build yourself up. Discuss why you’re ahead of others in your field, not why they’re behind you.

  • Set your modesty aside. You can speak confidently about what makes you a front-runner without sounding egotistical.

  • Avoid rambling. Keep your answer focused, packed with useful information, and appropriately brief.

    Hiring managers have a professional reputation to protect. They do this by finding the best possible candidates for each position; it’s up to you to show that you fit that description.

    Sample Answer

    Spend time preparing for this common question, and your answer may sound something like this:

    I have a sales background, customer service experience, and IT skills. This combination makes me an especially valuable IT manager. I understand the needs of the sales staff and customers and how to create, manage, and maintain systems that support the overall functioning of the company. Because I have a global perspective on the company’s functioning, I am better able to anticipate and take steps to solve problems or avoid them entirely.

    This question is pivotal – don’t tell yourself that you’re confident enough to wing it! Prepare an ideal response and get feedback on it from a trusted and knowledgeable source.

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