What Is The Average Length Of Time For An Employee To Stay In The Job You Hold

Pay attention to the questions that an interviewee ask in an interview. It can be easy to only focus on their answers, but you will be missing valuable information. Take the opportunity to open a discussion to really dig in deep about their experiences and priorities.

It is common for interviewees to ask, “What is the average length of time for an employee to stay in the job they hold With the job market in the state that it is in, they are likely interested in learning more about how much job security the position has and how much the employees enjoy their work.

Points to Emphasize

Answering this question can be an opportunity to learn about the candidate and to sell the job at the same time. Be sure to follow these tips.

  • Be positive. A good attitude may communicate more about how appealing the job is than anything you say.

  • Be honest. Stretching the truth about the position may contradict information they have heard before and make the job less appealing.

  • That being said, you should downplay any negative aspects. If employees have a lower job length, explain why in a reasonable way and focus on other areas.

  • Extrapolate. Do not just give the facts. Make it clear that the employees love their jobs and stay as long as they can.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    There are many mistakes that you can make when answering this question. Your response will affect their enthusiasm to be hired. Choose your words carefully.

  • Do not refuse to answer the question. Withholding information makes it seem like you have something to hide. That is much scarier than a high job turnover.

  • Do not forget to answer the question. It can be easy to immediately jump to talking about how the current employees like their jobs. First, discuss the average length of time an employee stays.

  • Do not rush. Giving a thoughtful and complete answer shows commitment to the employees’ happiness.

  • Do not forget to follow up on this question. Pay attention to their reaction and follow this question up by asking how long they were with their previous job.

    Sample Answer

    Use this sample answer to create a stronger response for yourself.

    Most employees spend more than a year with this company. It is actually rather uncommon for any new recruits to leave in less than a couple months, but it has happened before. We are happy to maintain a low job turnover and high retention levels. How long were you with your previous job?

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