What Areas Of The Company Would Be Most Interested In Hiring People With My Background?

Someone asking you for an informational interview may already know a lot or very little about your particular industry. Therefore, you might be asked something like: “What areas of the company would be most interested in hiring people with my background”

These types of interviews are often conducted by someone who is interested in completely switching career fields, and they are trying to learn more to see if it would be a good fit. The interviewer’s background may be entirely different than the industry you work in, but it is still possible for the interviewer to have learned some skills that would be advantageous to have in a certain department. This question may require you to ask questions about the interviewer’s background or to take a look at the resume.

Points to Emphasize

This question requires you to have a solid understanding of what is required at every level of your business, so keep the following points in mind.

· Discuss specific aspects of the company that would be of interest to the interviewer

· If there is not a specific area that would be interested, say so

· Recommend skills or experiences the interviewer can gain to be more valuable to a certain area

· Offer descriptions of ideal job applicants to that area

Many companies, especially larger companies, have numerous departments that require people of varying skillsets. Think about what the interviewer has to offer and if it is advantageous.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

Watch out for these easy-to-make mistakes when offering your response.

· Don’t talk about irrelevant areas of the company that would not be interested

· Don’t say you are unsure

· Avoid saying that there is no area that would be interested without also offering helpful advice

· Don’t breeze over the question

Chances are that the person interviewing you has something to offer your business, so really think about all the qualifications that make the interviewer a good candidate.

Sample Answer

Your response to a question like this should be along the lines of:

Seeing as how you have organizational skills and experience working a phone line, I would say that a front desk or receptionist position would be right up your alley. Other companies like this one have a telecommunications department that would also be good for someone with your phone experience. I would suggest looking for openings there, and once you have a position, you can slowly work your way up through the organization.

The interviewer is coming to you for advice on where he or she would fit into this industry. Offer your best recommendations to set the applicant on the right path.

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