What Are Your Career Options Right Now?

When asked about your current career options, you’re being asked about your market value and self-perception. Are your services in demand by many employers Are you focused on working within one specific industry or general position Discussing a wealth of diverse career options can possibly make an interviewer wonder about your focus.

However, having few career options to discuss can evidence a lack of demand due to limited skills or training. Striking a balance is the key to making a positive impact when asked a question along these lines.

Points to Emphasize

Your response doesn’t have to be too elaborate—the goal is to show employers that you’re confident and possess marketable skills.

  • Stay focused on one or two similar industries to avoid appearing indecisive.

  • Keep a positive tone regardless of how diverse your options are.

  • Mention some of the key skills and experiences that make you a quality candidate.

  • Be confident but try to appear humble when discussing your own market value.

    Be genuine with your response. Employers want to know you have a good sense of your own worth and abilities; showing you’re familiar with your options is a great way to accomplish this.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    It’s ideal to have a bit to say in response to this question without presenting a laundry list of your many professional suitors; stay humble and grounded for best results.

  • Keep it relevant. Don’t talk about bars and restaurants that want to hire you if you’re interviewing with a tech company.

  • Refrain from taking an arrogant disposition in describing the market for your services.

  • Never get down on yourself or project that your options are limited.

  • Don’t dance around the question; failure to provide specifics makes you appear unprepared or disingenuous.

    Don’t consider this question a challenge—rather, it’s an opportunity to show your desire to work at the company you’re interviewing for, in spite of the demand for your services that may exist elsewhere.

    Sample Answer

    This is a question which can throw you off-guard in an interview. Remember to remain poised and consult this example as a starting point:

    I’ve received callbacks from two other companies that are in need of an experienced programmer, although this job is the one that interests me the most. I know I could always go back to database management as well, which there is currently high demand for, but programming is what really engages me the most.

    This answer displays a firm interest in one company and one type of work despite having other options to explore, showing commitment and focus.

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