What Are The People Like With Whom You Work?

When you’re interviewing someone for a job opening, the applicant may ask a question like, “What are the people like with whom you work” or “What are the employees like who work here”

The applicant knows that coworkers contribute to an employee’s satisfaction on the job. He most likely asks this question to get an understanding of what type of workplace he would be entering into. He may have particular preferences, like working with extroverts or with people who take their work very seriously.

Points to Emphasize

When you answer this question you’ll want to be as honest as possible, and also ask the applicant any follow up questions to get a better sense of his meaning.

  • Give a general overview of the type of people who work with you.

  • Ask any questions to get a better understanding of the applicant’s question, such as if he is referring to personality type or to how the employees work.

  • Always speak positively about your coworkers and emphasize their commendable traits.

  • Feel free to mention that your coworkers are quite varied in their personalities but all are committed to doing their jobs well.

    Mostly, your answer to this question should reassure the applicant that he would be entering a hospitable work environment.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    If you’re not prepared for this question, you may be unsure how to answer. To avoid common mistakes, follow these general guidelines:

  • Don’t speak poorly of your coworkers, as this will most likely sour the applicant’s opinion of you.

  • Don’t discuss any personal information about your coworkers that they may not want revealed, such as marital status, disability or previous employment.

  • Avoid responding to this question in a defensive manner, as the applicant is most likely asking out of genuine curiosity.

  • Be sure not to make assumptions about what type of people the applicant would prefer working with.

    Anything that paints yourself or your coworkers in a negative light should be avoided, as you want to stress camaraderie and positivity in the workplace.

    Sample Answer

    The following is an example of an answer you can give to a question about employees’ personalities:

    Everyone at the company is fairly different. Some are very jovial and like to joke around, while others are pretty quiet and keep to themselves. What we all have in common though is that we all love what we do and are joined together by our common goals. We balance each other out in a way works well for the company.

    Everyone has his own personality and preference of whom he works with. The applicant asks this question to understand how the social atmosphere would be on the job.

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