What Are The Growth Areas Of This Field?

While you are conducting an interview, it is likely that you will receive questions from the prospective employee. These questions are designed to help the interviewee gain knowledge about the company and the position they are applying for. One question that many prospective employees ask is “what are the growth areas of this field”

Interviewees who ask this question usually want to learn about the growth opportunities available to them if they perform well on the job. The information you provide may help encourage the interviewee to accept the job.

Points to Emphasize

If you receive this question during an interview, make sure to provide positive and realistic information for the prospective employee.

  • Highlight positive aspects of the company such as a desire to promote from within.

  • Talk about current employees of the company who started at the bottom and are now working in management.

  • Discuss what is required to succeed and grow with the company.

  • Emphasize the reasons people move up in the company.

    The information you provide the interviewee will help them understand what is required if they want to grow with the company.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Many interviewers make the mistake of trying to sell the idea of growth opportunities. In most cases, the interviewee already wants the job. They simply want to make sure there is room to grow with the position.

  • Do not exaggerate the growth potential, giving the interviewee false hope.

  • Avoid making it sound like a promotion is the next step after they get hired.

  • Make sure to avoid saying anything negative that might discourage the interviewee from accepting the job offer.

    • Avoid responses that are vague or quick.

    Most interviewees understand that they are not going to get promoted to vice president in a few months time. However, they want to know that if they work hard and perform well, there is a possibility of growth.

    Sample Answer

    The following sample answers are wonderful responses to questions about growth opportunities.

    Our company is known for promoting from within, and we are constantly hiring for more positions. If you want to grow with the company, it is important to perform well and acquire the necessary qualifications.

    Several employees at the company have started at the bottom and worked their way up. If you have a strong desire to succeed and perform well, you may be qualified to work in positions with more responsibility.

    Remember, if you receive this question, do not get nervous or assume that the person is unsatisfied with their current level. They are probably looking for a job where performance is rewarded with more responsibility.

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