Wellness Interview Questions

What to Expect in a Wellness Interview

More jobs in wellness occupations are becoming available in today’s market. Community health programs are being established to help give the public more access to information and programs that will help them in their health and nutrition quests. Some opportunities are available to work directly with the public, or you can choose to be a health and wellness educator or trainer.

Your wellness interview questions will vary depending upon the field that you are applying for. Your interviewer will probably ask you challenging questions to see how you will respond to particular situations. He or she will want to know that you will be someone who is willing to work with others no matter the problems or issues. He or she will want someone with confidence and the ability to be understanding and sympathetic with many types of personalities.

Tips to Remember

Preparing for a wellness interview can be challenging. It is hard to know in advance the questions you may be asked, but here are some good tips that you can remember to follow:

  • Be ready to show your caring side – people want to get healthy, and they are always willing to listen to someone that they feel cares whether they succeed or not.

  • Bring out the good points of your personality – humor and humility are as important as showing confidence and expertise in your field. Stand out in a way that will be remembered over other possible candidates for the job.

  • Be prepared to share examples – the interviewer will want to know how you work under pressure and with difficult clients. Share some of your positive past experiences.

    It is important to do your homework and research the company with which you are applying. This helps the interviewer to realize that you are serious about your commitment to the company’s values and causes.

    General Skills to Highlight

    With the many types of jobs available in this field, you may wish to apply for positions such as health educator, health and wellness trainer, health promotion coordinator, or outreach program coordinator. Jobs may even be more specialized, such as an exercise specialist in wellness and weight management. Besides the obvious training and education that qualifies you for one of these fields, you will also want to exhibit extra skills in the following areas:

    • Leadership and confidence – people want to know that they have placed themselves in good hands.
    • Problem-solving – show your ability to help people overcome their health problems and to work under pressure in order to help them succeed.
    • Creativity – when you are working with different types of people, everything is not always cut and dried. Creative solutions are sometime warranted.

    Even though the interviewer is asking the questions, you can turn the tide in your favor by showing the right mix of humility and confidence to help your interview be successful.

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