Underwriter Interview Questions And Answers

Be Prepared with These Common Underwriter Interview Questions and the Proper Answers

The underwriter position is an essential role for many insurance based companies. Individuals in this position must not only possess specific training, but should also exemplify certain skills that will help them to fulfill the duties of the position efficiently. Therefore, there are specific questions that interviewers will most likely ask potential candidates during the interview process. By becoming familiar with these common questions and understanding how to craft a proper answer, you can position yourself to be one of the leading candidates for the job. Check out these common underwriter interview questions and answers.

Do you have customer service experience?

Though the majority of the functions of this position are not customer-service based, there are times when underwriters must interact with customers. Whether it be explaining an increase in rates, addressing a clients concern or otherwise, these individuals must be able to effectively, respectfully and politely communicate with the clients, considering that they will be a representation of the company. Therefore, interviewers are prone to ask questions about your customer service skills. In answering this question, be sure to detail your past customer service experience, if you have any. If you have not previously held a customer service position, highlight your skills and characteristics that would allow you to be effective at customer relations, such as strong communication skills and a desire to assist others.

How do you stay knowledgeable of current laws?

One of the essential tasks of the underwriter is to stay knowledgeable of the ever-changing laws that govern financial dealings and insurance policies. Not staying abreast of such things could lead to serious legal issues for both the individual and the company. As such, you can definitely expect to encounter questions geared towards your methods for staying current on laws. In your answer you will want to note a resource that you utilize a number of times throughout the year, whether it be seminars, a notification board, a newsletter or some other source. You want it to be clear that you understand the importance of this task and that you take it seriously. Also, you will want to be open to suggestions from the interviewer. Whether you get the position or not, additional resources can only benefit you.

What helps you to stay focused?

When you get into a certain routine it can be easy to start to operate on auto-pilot and lose motivation in completing your tasks effectively. Especially in situations such as underwriting, when you must work from a desk for at least forty hours a week, employers want to be assured that you will stay alert and focused throughout your day. To properly answer this question, share any motivators that you have that help you to stay focused. Whether they be personal motives, such as a character trait of operating in excellence, or a more service-lead desire to help others the best that you can, make sure that your answer is clear and support it with examples, when possible.

What steps do you take to stay organized? How do you prioritize your work?

A key skill of a successful underwriter is multi-tasking. Not only does these individuals have several tasks that they must work on at once, but they also assist several clients at the same time. In order to assure your interviewer that you can fulfill this role efficiently, you will need to have a process that helps you to organize and prioritize your workload. However you accomplish this, you will want to be able to explain it intelligibly and concisely, in one to two sentences.

Make sure that you stand out amongst other applicants by becoming familiar with the aforementioned underwriter interview questions and answers. By doing so you will come across as prepared, knowledgeable and experienced, which are all helpful traits to display during your interview.

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