If I Am Unable To Obtain A Position In This Field, What Other Fields Would You Recommend I Consider?

When you walk into a room for a professional interview, you as the interviewer are in charge of leading the conversation and understanding how your prospective employee might function in the company’s work environment. However, traditionally the end of the interview allows for the interviewee to pose his or her own questions. For example, he or she may ask, “If I am unable to obtain a position in this field, what other fields would you recommend I consider” The purpose of this question is for the prospective employee to gain valuable insight into his or her professional trajectory. Additionally, he or she will often try to gauge what types of jobs you believe he or she is qualified for and if you are likely to hire him or her.

Points to Emphasize

As the hiring manager, you need to find quality employees who can get the job done. As such, still try to sell the position.

  • Focus on skills that apply to a broad range of industries.

  • Mention what makes the interviewee a good candidate.

  • Concentrate on the interviewee’s existing qualifications.

  • Highlight the positives in his or her experience in the field.

    Stay confident with your response and showcase your honesty and enthusiasm. Prospective employees will be drawn to this energy and appreciate your professional advice.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    If you aren’t ready to reveal information about whom you might hire, don’t feel pressured to do so. Give appropriate and truthful guidance.

  • Avoid sounding discouraging or negative about the interviewee’s career path.

  • Do not speak extensively about fields you are not familiar with.

    • Avoid overselling other positions or industries.
  • Do not spend a large amount of time answering the question

    Be as direct as possible when you answer the question, but don’t lead your prospective employee away from your position if you really want him or her for the job.

    Sample Answer

    Here are examples of some good answers regarding what industries you would recommend to the interviewee:

    With your experience and education, I think it’s unlikely that you wouldn’t be able to secure a job as an account manager in any financial firm. However, if you wanted to consider another field, I would suggest consulting.

    With your chemistry background, you could perhaps look into the clinical research field or even a professorship in a university. Though, I think you are well suited to this pharmaceutical position and the overall industry.

    Remember, if you really want this prospective employee to work for your company, steer them towards your position while still answering the original question.

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