Transportation Interview Questions

Jobs in the transportation industry encompass a wide variety of roles, from delivery of commercial goods to air transport (including pilot, crew, and maintenance roles) to driving school buses, taxi cabs, or limousines. These may seem like very different jobs, but for all of them, reliability and trust are key—after all, in any job in the transportation industry, you are responsible for delivering goods and/or people safely and on time to their proper destination. An interviewer wants to see that you are dependable, learn and adapt quickly, and put a premium on safety and efficiency. A history of reliable performance on and off the job (i.e. one’s criminal and driving records) can be an indicator of how well you’ll perform in the role you’re interviewing for. No matter your background, though, a good interview can go a long way in speaking to your strengths.

Tips to Remember

Preparation is equally as important as how you present yourself to the interviewer the day of. An interviewer will want to see that you’ve both proven yourself capable in the past and can think on your feet. Here are a few tips to remember:

· Emphasize punctuality and reliability. Be there on time or early.

· Come prepared to talk about your qualifications, including any experience that’s relevant to the job and any licenses you have that make you certified to perform the required duties. Bring copies of these licenses or certifications if possible.

· Emphasize the positive aspects of your safety record.

· Rehearse a few examples of times when you have handled challenges that have arisen on the job. The transportation industry can be unpredictable and an interviewer will want to see that you can handle unexpected challenges.

General Skills to Highlight

Transportation jobs require you to meet your goals in a safe, efficient, and reliable manner. Be sure to emphasize the following skills to the interviewer:

· Dependability/Consistency – an interviewer needs to know you can keep to a schedule and do your job exceptionally each time.

· Safety – a record free of accidents or citations is essential.

· Adaptability and Fast Learning – you will often be working in different locations and environments. Your ability to adapt to new challenges and learn quickly, whether that means memorizing a new route or dealing with unfavorable weather, is important.

· Self-Management – you’ll be mostly on your own in a transport job, with no one managing your day-to-day performance, so stress that you need minimal supervision.

Overall, you should convey that you can deliver products or people safely and on time and that you are able to problem-solve on your own. Do this and you’ll be on the road to success.

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