Top Five Skills Your Interviewer Is Looking For

Interviews can be quite nerve wracking. Not only do you need to be familiar with the position that you are applying for, but you should also have some knowledge of the company, and have researched the interview style that is commonly used for the type of interview and common interview questions. Then, you must find a natural way to display all of this knowledge while highlighting your own skills, experience and education, and hope that is enough to get you the job, or at least a callback for another interview. Though these things may be unavoidable, you can prepare yourself by understanding and implementing these top five skills your interviewer is looking for.

1. Communication

Showing strong communication skills is vital on several different levels. You must be able to effectively communicate about yourself during the interview to properly represent yourself, but proper communication is key in any position, so you will utilize this skill long after the interview process is complete.

Also, you begin using it long before you even enter the door; effective communication must begin with the resume. You want to make sure that it is clear, concise and professional. There are a number of templates that you can find online, as well as resources that can help you to craft your resume. Keep in mind that different resume styles will help to showcase your strengths, while others can help to minimize possible alarming factors, such as lack of experience, job hopping or long stents of unemployment.

2. Interpersonal

Your interpersonal skills are another trait that will be strongly utilized during and after the interview. In fact, they somewhat go hand-in-hand. As such, you will want to make sure that you greet and treat everyone with respect. You never know who you may be encountering during your time in the office, so from the moment you park until the time that you drive away, go out of your way to be cordial and polite.

3. Critical Thinking and Analysis

Some may not consider this skill as necessary during an interview, but it is a key trait that many employers seek in any employee, and therefore they look for them to display it during their interview. The best way to demonstrate this skill during an interview is to formulate and share well thought out and intelligible answers. Especially if you are attending an informational or case interview, this will be very important to display. To help ensure that you do so, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Repeat the question in your answer to make sure you cover all points.

  • Take a few moments to think about the question and decipher the underlying question(s) being asked.

  • Provide supporting examples for your answers when possible.

    4. Multi-tasking

    In today’s job force, many jobs require individuals to fulfill tasks of several different positions in a timely and efficient manner. As such, multi-tasking is a key skill to display. Generally, there is no way to physically display this skill during the interview without coming off as unprofessional. Therefore, unless the interviewer gives you a mutli-tasking assignment to perform, the best method would be to highlight times that you have utilized your multi-tasking abilities in the past.

    5. Professionalism

    You want to display professionalism in every aspect of your interview. In fact, it is important that you show it from the moment you submit your application until you are hired, and well after. You will also want to take special effort to show it through all the aforementioned skills.

    If you are sure to incorporate the top five skills your interviewer is looking for into the various aspects of your interview, you will be well on your way to securing the position you desire.

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