To What Extent Is It You Expected It Would Be?

When you step into an interview room, you should be prepared to answer a number of questions about your current job and overall career goals. The hiring manager might ask, “To what extent is it you expected it would be” Particularly if you are applying for a long-term position, the interviewer wants to know if you genuinely enjoy the industry and if you are likely to continue working for the company on a longstanding basis. For this reason, draw attention to your favorite aspects of your work and stay away from any negativity. Let the hiring manger know that you have a realistic view of the industry, but avoid appearing cynical or pessimistic.

Points to Emphasize

You want to show that you are in the industry for the long haul, so think about what drew you into your profession and why you continue to pursue it. Relate this to the hiring manager.

  • When speaking about the unexpected, focus on the positive outcomes.

  • Concentrate on what you’ve learned since pursuing your career.

  • Highlight how you’ve overcome unanticipated hurdles.

  • Emphasize what still excites and drives you to succeed.

    Showcase your desire to remain involved with your chosen position as well as a commitment to growth and advancement.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    While you do want to tailor you response to what the interviewer is looking for in a candidate, you don’t want to mislead him or her about your intentions. Be honest and keep these tips in mind:

  • Do not speak negatively about any aspect of your job.

    • Avoid talking about salary or monetary concerns.
  • Do not focus on the any disappointing components of the industry.

    • Avoid a meandering or unclear response.

    You don’t need to give an incredibly lengthy answer, but do take the necessary amount of time you need to fully express your points. Just make sure your reply is precise and informative.

    Sample Answer

    Here is a good answer to the question of what you expected out of your job:

    When I first became a lawyer, I understood I would loose a few cases but could also achieve great success. Especially in my first few years, I had to learn how to hold my own against more experienced attorneys without getting flustered. I don’t think I expected my career to contribute so much to my general confidence. Now I understand that success is equal parts being prepared and staying sharp under pressure. Overall, my profession is more fulfilling than I anticipated.

    This question is a great opportunity to sell yourself, so take a moment to highlight your best qualities as a candidate for the position.

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