The Things I Like The Best About My Current Career Are: _____________________. Will I Find Some Of Those Same Things If I Switch To Your Career?

A lot of people who look to move career fields are just looking for new and better opportunities, but they know their skill sets and their preferences. When this question comes up, it’s usually about seeing how well your career field fits their existing preferences and skills. They aren’t just asking about whether or not their favorite thing about the old job will also be something they can enjoy in the new job. They’re also testing, to see whether or not the new field will offer them more opportunities in that vein, as well as whether it will offer similar experiences they might enjoy.

Points to Emphasize

Remember these points to add detail and specific advice as you organize your answer.

  • Discuss the most directly comparable aspect of the career field, because that is the listener’s best possible gauge for the rest of your answer.

  • If there are a variety of related characteristics in the new career field, make connections between the question and the whole variety.

  • Be sure to include any important contrasting points as well, so that the review is fairly balanced.

  • Use personal knowledge to add texture and details if you have relevant experience with the topic.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

Step around some of these gaffes to keep the interview balanced and positive.

  • Don’t forget to draw a line between what you know about and what you have direct experience doing.

  • Remember not to judge or dismiss the listener’s concerns, because this will be an aspect of their career that they are likely to feel pride about, on top of their enjoyment.

  • Avoid stretching to make a fit. If the two fields are too different, people need to know that.

  • Never forget about the diversity of positions in your field, because it can be easy to over-generalize about the opportunities available.

Sample Answer

Remember, keeping your answer focused makes it easier to follow.

Well, in my field you would have ample opportunities to work with people and to help them get organized. Mostly, though, it would not be through training or working directly with a team. Instead, it’s through the individual advice and guidance you provide to our clients as they build their marketing plan. It’s a really similar dynamic, but not quite the same thing.

This kind of balanced review of the information gives the listener a better chance to gauge the subtle differences without losing sight of the clear similarities between the fields.

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