Telephone Interviewer Resume

Before you enter a conference room for a professional interview, you will probably send in a cover letter and resume. As such, you’ll need to refresh your telephone interviewer resume with accurate and tailored information. Research the prospective company and position so you can understand what the hiring manager will be looking for. Align your professional talents, skills and capabilities with what the enterprise needs from an ideal candidate.

Try to keep your resume limited to one page of average sized font. Though some positions and industries might encourage a longer document, the general rule is to have a one-page resume. Emphasize your most compelling professional merits and selling points. You aren’t obligated to include every detail of your career so far.

Common Sections in a Telephone Interviewer Resume

There are plenty for existing templates and examples of the telephone interviewer resume. Feel free to combine various components to make a document that suits your needs and industry. Try these frequently used sections to get started in your revision:

  • Contact information: Your contact info includes your full name, phone number, email address and mailing address. Make sure everything is completely accurate.

  • Job objective: Incorporate the name of the company and the job title. Focus on your key professional selling points.

  • Qualification Highlights: Cover your full range of relevant talents, skills and areas of knowledge. Cater to the requirements of the company and position.

  • Professional Experience: List your recent employment and a summary of your typical responsibilities.

  • Education: For this section, only your post-secondary education is relevant. Also include any professional certifications.

    Consider a resume equivalent to a first impression in the professional setting. According to this document, you may or may not be invited for the next step in the employment process. As such, present yourself as both qualified and confident.

    Sample of a Telephone Interviewer Resume

    Below, you’ll find an example of a telephone interviewer resume. Use it as a reference as you update your document. Feel free to tailor the included sections to your professional needs. Tailor your resume to the specific demands of the company and position to make yourself stand out as an ideal candidate.

    Mariana Martinez

    1277 Red Ribbon Road

    Norman, IN 77788

    (212) 121 – 2121

    Job Objective: Seeking a Telephone Interviewer position with LMNOP Company to utilize knowledge of relevant computer technologies and customer service experience.

    Qualification Highlights:

    • Excellent experience with conducting telephone and in-person interviews
    • Extensive customer service experience
    • Thorough knowledge of candidate managements programs and software
    • Skilled with typing and desktop computer systems
    • Ability to adhere to detailed standard operating procedures
    • Ability to deliver a high level of accuracy in record keeping and data collection processes
    • Ability to take part in the various scheduled training seminars

    Professional Experience:

    Telephone Interviewer

    Green Ribbon Corporation, Norman, IN

    April 2010 – present


    • Interviewed a range of new hires and performed outbound calls
    • Gathered information for and led exit interviews
    • Scheduled daily interviews and oversaw compliance to the agreed timeframe
    • Researched statistical data within the company’s system
    • Maintained accurate records
    • Oversaw the completion of information gathering
    • Evaluated statistical data within the system
    • Interviewed registered voters regarding a multitude of political issues

    Telephone Interviewer

    Orange Sunset Incorporated, Louis, IN

    April 2007 – March 2010


    • Performed multiple studies simultaneously and conducted interviews via telephone
    • Devised effective and appropriate solutions in conjunction with various coworkers
    • Gathered and administered participant responses into the company database
    • Provided support to a range of research studies
    • Oversaw compliance with established interview procedures and guidelines for each interview
    • Maintained individual participants’ response confidentiality
    • Recorded accurate records on company computer system


    Masters Degree in Psychology

    Eastern Central State University, Louis, IN

    Bachelor of Science in Anthropology

    Eastern Central State University, Louis, IN

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