Teen Job Interviews

It is finally time for your first teen job interviews. You are now old enough to go out, get a job, and save up or spend your hard earned cash. You may have dreamed about this moment for a long time. You may have already planned where you want to work, how much you want to make, and where you will spend your first paycheck. It may not even matter to you where you work, just as long as you are working. Whether you work at the grocery store down the road or the office downtown, it is good to know what to expect in teen job interviews. This is your first interviewing experience, so you’ll want to be as calm as possible.

What You’ll Be Asked

TV and movies present interviews as scary events to be avoided if at all possible. Will you run out of the room crying or hyperventilate before you even go through the door? Just breathe. There is nothing to worry about because interviewers in real life are not there to scare you half to death. But they do want to make sure you have the skills or desire to learn necessary to be a reliable employee. Study these questions in order to be confident in your teen job interviews:

  • What is your experience, if any, with this kind of employment?

    • What general skills can you bring to this job?
  • What responsibilities have you had in the past or currently have that would make you a good fit for this job?

  • What are some challenges you’ve faced and how did you handle them?

    • What is a strength of yours?
    • What is a weakness?
    • How do you work through your weaknesses?
  • How do you handle stressful people or situations?

    • Do you like to work alone or on a team?
    • Why do you want to work here in particular?

    Teen job interviews will be full of questions about how you work with others and your eagerness to learn. Because you won’t be coming in with pages full of experience, it is a good idea to prepare some examples of how you have worked with family members, church members, or school teachers and staff in the past. You can use anything from your life to highlight skills or experiences you already have if your job history is short.

    What They’ll Expect of You

    A lot of times, interviews are more than giving answers to questions even if they are good answers. Some things interviewers are looking for might mean more for the company than your skills and experience. That is why it is important to know what is going to be expected of your behavior. Here are some of the big things you’ll need to consider for your teen job interviews:

  • Be sure to shower, wear deodorant, and comb your hair.

  • You don’t have to be fancy, but wear nice clothes (ho holes and winkles).

  • Also, wear nicer shoes (no sandals and sneakers).

  • Plan your ride early and arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled time.

    • Turn your phone off or leave it with your ride.
    • Greet everyone you talk to with a smile.
  • Give your interviewer a firm and confident handshake.

    • Don’t slouch.
    • Make eye contact.

    All of these things, if not done or prepared for properly, can make you look like a bad fit for the company right away. Interviewers may suppose you don’t care enough about the job to even try to look nice. They may believe it will bleed into your job if they hired you. No one wants to hire someone who they think isn’t up to the task. Not preparing may even mean that you get your teen job interviews cut short.

    It is a good idea to plan these things out well before the day of your interview. Wash and dry your clothes, making sure they are hung up where they won’t get wrinkled. Put your shoes aside, so you don’t have to go on a hunt for them the day of. Plan to get up on time to get ready. Give yourself enough time to get psyched for your interview and run through the sample questions again.

    You’ve heard it before: knowing is half the battle. By knowing what to expect in your teen job interviews, you will be sure to make an impression. Study up and be confident.

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