Spot Interviews

Sometimes when you drop your resume off, you are able to get an on-the-spot interview. Spot interviews can be either a blessing or a curse. Obviously, since they are on-the-spot, you don’t have any time to prepare. That means you can really crash and burn.

If you know what to do though, you can show the hiring manager that you work well under pressure. Successfully participating in an interview that you weren’t able to prepare for shows the manager just how much of an asset you would be for their company. Now, this isn’t an easy task, but if you keep certain tips in mind, you’ll be able to nail any spot interviews you might have.

Tips to Be Successful

Normally when you’re looking for a job, people will give you a huge long list of things you should do before you go in for an interview. They tell you you should practice answering questions, research the company and understand questions that you should ask the interviewer. When you have spot interviews, you can’t do all of that specifically for that position.

However, you can still prepare a little bit. You may not know if you will get an interview on the spot, but you can prepare for that eventuality. Here are a few tips to help you successfully navigate these potentially treacherous waters:

  • When in an interview that you didn’t have time to fully prepare for, think about your normal interviewing skills.

  • That means you should answer questions in a way that makes you look competent, professional and capable of doing the job.

  • Whenever you drop off a resume, even if it is at the local fast food restaurant, make sure to dress in an appropriate way. Even if you don’t have on-the-spot interviews, you still want to look nice when you first come into contact with your potential employer/new company.

  • Remember things that you shouldn’t do. Try not to stutter or add verbal tics in to an answer. Don’t fidget. Don’t talk about any illegal activities or other traits that would turn an employer off.

  • Try to think about the answers you are giving, but don’t pause for too long.

    • Also, be concise yet informative.

    When you have an interview that you didn’t have time to prepare for, you just have to remember common sense things about interviews. Keeping your head and staying calm will go a long way in these stressful situations.

    One great thing about on-the-spot interviews is that the employer realizes you didn’t really have time to practice. This means you might get some slack. For you, the person who has prepared for interviews, that means you will blow the hiring manager away that much more.

    Keep it Simple

    On-the-spot interviews can be tricky. You don’t have to let them ruin your chances of getting a job. Simply put, if you are prepared for a regular interview, you can handle an interview on the spot. You may not know about the history of the organization, but you can still have great answers to common interview questions at the ready.

    Keep your spot interviews simple. That means you should drop of your resumes wearing clothes that you would go to an interview in. Answer the questions in the best way that you can without being too wordy or too vague. Keep your attitude positive. Try not to let your stress show. Remember to smile. Finally, leave with your head held high and know that you put your best foot forward.

    By remembering that you shouldn’t make an on-the-spot interview something extremely complicated, you will help yourself. You won’t be so worried that you start to sweat uncontrollably. You won’t be so paranoid that you end up answering all of the questions in a glib manner. Keeping your manner and answers simple will help you feel less stressed when it comes to these tough on-the-spot interviews.

    Any interview that happens on the spot is difficult. You don’t always expect them. However, if you go into every resume drop off situation expecting an on-the-spot interview, you will never find yourself unprepared. You also need to remember that you are prepared for an interview because you have gone over the most common questions and know the best way to answer them. Don’t let a surprise interview get you worked up. Remember that by keeping it simple you can have successful on-the-spot interviews and blow away the hiring managers.

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