Siebel Architect Interview Questions

If you have scheduled an interview to be a Siebel Architect, then there are certain skills you probably already possess. You should be familiar with the Siebel data models, Oracle, HTML, XML, DTD, WSDL and XSL. A familiarity with various operating systems, particularly the one being used by the company you are applying for, is essential, so you should express your knowledge in Unix, Linux and Windows. A background with using JavaScript, C and C++ should also be mentioned.

Regardless if you are applying for an entry-level or experienced role, you need to showcase your knowledge so that the hiring manager will be confident you can handle the responsibilities associated with the position. The duties expected of you will likely include designing web application solutions, preparing estimates for projects, conducting tests on systems, installing web server programs, training new developers and numerous other tasks. This is a very specialized position, and as such, you will be asked questions that other professions do not necessarily have to contend with.

Questions Asked for a Siebel Architect Interview

Before you meet with the interviewer, you should prepare responses to the following inquiries so that you will be ready to talk about your qualifications.

  • Talk about a time where you had to work with a team of developers. Were there any setbacks you had to overcome? How did you overcome them?

  • Do you know when it is best to be hands-on and when it is best to back off a little bit?

  • Discuss the concepts of encapsulation, coupling and abstraction.

  • Would you be able to determine the risks of a project before it got too out of hand?

  • Talk about a time when you had to effectively communicate with others in order to complete a project.

    • Have you ever had to provide technical support?

    An experienced Siebel Architect will likely have no problem answering these questions, but someone just entering the industry may need to dig a little deeper in order to provide useful information. If you are applying for this kind of work, you most likely have a degree information technology or something similar. You can talk about the experiences you gained while you were in school. Maybe there was a project you worked on with your classmates for a school assignment. That is an excellent way to show that you still possess a certain level of experience even though you are not thoroughly proficient in the field.

    It is also very likely you will be given an exercise to work through as part of your interview. You should work through various examples on your own time before the interview so that you will be able to effectively work through any problems given to you. Regardless of the specifics of the situation, it is essential that you talk through every problem out loud so that the hiring manager can learn about your thought process. Even if you do not arrive at a solid conclusion, the interviewer may still be impressed with how you handled the problem given in the limited amount of time that you had.

    Siebel Architect Interview Preparation

    One of the most advantageous things you can do before your real interview is to have a practice interview with a close friend or family member. The mock interviewer can ask you questions that are likely to come up and then evaluate your responses. If you do well, you will feel a lot more confident going into the real thing. If there are still areas you could improve upon, then you know you need to practice more to truly be prepared. You should also work on basic job interview etiquette like learning to maintain eye contact and keeping good posture. It may seem like a lot, but it will all pay off once you get your dream job.

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