Security Guard Interview…

Security guards play a vital role in numerous businesses. You never know what is going to happen during any given shift. You may go an entire day or night without incident, or you may find yourself in a high stakes situation. In order to assess your abilities to handle whatever comes up on the job, you need to ace your interview. That involves preparing answers for the following questions beforehand, so that the hiring manager sees your competencies:

  • Are you able to work well with others?
  • How familiar are you with a gun/baton/taser?
  • If you were the only guard on duty, how would you respond to a dangerous scenario?

  • Are you able to remain motivated during quiet periods?

    These questions are asked to assess your capabilities of handling tense situations and also to see if you can stay enthusiastic when you are going on simple patrols.

    Successfully Answering Security Guard Interview Questions

    Most facilities will employ multiple security guards, each with his or her unique personality and working style. As a new hire, you will be expected to work alongside all the guards and ensure that everyone remains safe. You need to show the hiring manager that you are able to work well as part of a team and possess excellent communication skills. Your response should include a story of a time you worked well with a team and produced fantastic results. This will convince a potential employer that you are actually able to handle the responsibilities given to you and that you are not just giving an answer you think he or she wants to hear.

    Depending on where you work, you will be given some kind of weapon. An interviewer is not simply looking to see if you know how to use it but that you also know when it is appropriate to use it. You should be familiar with the basic guidelines of when to use a taser or baton. Ideally, you have gotten the proper training on using these tools, and you have the clearance to wield these devices.

    If you are interviewing to be a security guard, you will likely be given a hypothetical, highly tense situation to see how you would respond to it. This is your opportunity to show that you are familiar with the company’s policy when it comes to these dangerous scenarios. You can never be fully prepared for every single situation, but you should be familiar with the basic guideline of pacifying the assailant and notifying the local police force.

    Although you will be asked about how you would handle stressful situations, you will also be asked about how you would handle a large amount of downtime. Hiring managers want to know that you will not become bored by the work and that you would be able to keep yourself motivated even if nothing really exciting is happening. A good answer could include that if you found yourself growing bored, you would patrol the company’s perimeter for a nice change of scenery. You want to make it clear that bouts of boredom will not cause you to look for a different job or worse, fall asleep at your station and allow a crime to take place.

    Preparing for the Security Job Interview

    The interview is arguably the most important part of the hiring process for security guards, so this is where you really need to shine. You should enter your interview with stories of past jobs where you exemplified certain skills. You should also be able to talk about your education and any special training you have received that could make you stand apart from other candidates. You should also do plenty of research into the company you are applying for so that you have a good idea of what would be expected of you. Although you can never really be prepared for anything, you can still go in confident and ready to handle basic interview questions.

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