What to Expect in a Sales Interview

When it comes to business, sales are what power the profit machine. Sales positions are critical to the success of any product, and sales people, whether it’s for insurance, used cars, or homemade salsa, are invaluable to that process. A sales interview is yet another opportunity to sell a product—that product being you as an employee. Expect to bring your professional and unforgettable salesmanship guns to an interview of this kind. Interviewers will want to know what sort of salesman you are, and the first test is how well you sell yourself as a potential employee. Be prepared to be questioned thoroughly about your previous experience in sales and marketing, including your successes and failures. You will also need to be aware that these interviewers are looking for the employee that stands out from the crowd, not only with expertise, but also with personality.

Tips to Remember

While a lot of the content of sales interviews may be spontaneous and unscripted, it helps to prepare yourself ahead of time for what you might expect. Increase your chances for having a memorable sales interview by keeping a couple of quick tips in mind.

· Your interviewer is your client. Your best chance at convincing the person to hire you is to consider yourself as a product he or she might want to purchase. Sell your talents and personality traits in a similar fashion.

· Familiarize yourself with the product. If you can sell an interviewer his or her own product before you’re ever hired, you’re ahead of the game.

· Your strongest asset is you. Your ability to sell any product to any person is what your interviewer is looking for.

Regardless of whether or not you have an extensive resume of sales experience, present yourself with confidence and style as someone they can’t do without.

General Skills to Highlight

Every successful salesperson has an arsenal of unique tools to get the job done. However, these foundational salesmanship techniques should be highlighted in your interview:

  • Confidence – an attitude necessary to inspire confidence in interviewers and clients alike
  • Personality – demonstrate the positive personal traits you have that might differ from the rest
  • Execution – show a propensity for making sure the job gets done properly every time
  • Drive – exhibit your determination to do the best that you can and perform at your peak
  • Experience – be prepared to showcase previous sales scenarios and jobs where you were successful

Always remember that your interviewer is immediately looking for how well you are able to present yourself. They, too, are looking to “buy” a “product,” and by showing yourself to be the best person for the job in an interview, you are sure to make the sale.

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