Sales Presentation Interview

You may have heard people say that an interview is similar to a sales presentation. The only difference is that you’re not trying to sell a product, you’re trying to sell yourself. In other words, you are trying to make the hiring manager realize why they should hire you.

Because of this, you may want to think about turning your job interview into a sales presentation. A sales presentation interview, if you will. In a normal interview process, you want to communicate how well you match the job criteria and would fit in with the company. Most interviewers give candidates the chance to sell themselves. However, not all interviewers are skilled at interviewing. That means that sometimes you have to take the reins into your own hands.

You can’t simply steal the interview away from the hiring manager. You have to know how you can respectfully give a sales presentation interview when the need arises. This means you have to understand what elements your presentation should have and how presenting yourself can help you overall.

How to Give a Presentation About Yourself in an Interview

During many interviews you’re a passive participant. That means that you answer questions when asked, and ask questions when given the opportunity. The problem with that is that you might not get asked the right questions. Some interviewers are new and don’t know what to ask. You need to be able to sell yourself even when not given the right opportunities.

You want your sales presentation interview to include:

  • A list of critical job requirements as you understand them. This shows the hiring manager your understanding of the position.

  • You then want to show how you match these requirements. That means that you can list education, skills and experiences that make you a good candidate for the position.

  • You also want to make sure to include additional areas of expertise that you can bring to the job. What knowledge do you have that makes you a unique and valuable candidate?

  • Include a success story. This gives you an opportunity to let the interviewer know what you’ve done in the past and what they can expect from you in the future.

  • Talk about factors that make you successful. In other words, talk about what makes you a strong candidate, and the values you have that would make you a good fit for the company.

  • Also mention your strategic action plan you have so that you can be successful at the company quickly. Many of these plans are set in a 30 or 60 day limit, and they let the hiring manager know what your immediate goals are and how you can benefit the company.

  • Give the interviewer a summary of what makes you a strong candidate. This is when you summarize your strengths, values and experiences that will benefit the position and the company.

  • Finally, end your presentation with closing questions that show your knowledge of the company, job and industry. This is the part where you can find out anything you really want to know about the position or the company itself.

    Including all of these elements will ensure that the hiring manager will hear everything they need to about your skills and work ethic.

    How This Type of Presentation Can Help

    This type of sales presentation interview is useful for a number of reasons. First and as mentioned previously, it ensures that you get a chance to tell the interviewer your important strengths and experiences. It also helps you prepare. If you think about all of the elements mentioned previously, you’ll be ready to answer a lot of interview questions. Preparing the presentation gets you ready to sell your skills.

    Giving this type of presentation also allows you to become an active participant in the interview. This can show the hiring manager firsthand how you would give a presentation and act in a job situation. It also shows the interviewer your level of preparation. Not only did you research the company, but you took the time to make a unique presentation specifically addressed to this company. That shows you’re prepared and eager to work for them.

    A sales presentation interview is good for you and the hiring manager. It ensures that you get to put your best foot forward, and it gives them a behind-the-scenes look at your work ethic. Don’t simply be a passive participant at your next job interview. Take the reins and present yourself in the best way possible with a sales presentation interview.

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