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What to Expect in a Restaurant & Bar Interview

As long as people enjoy fine dining and drinking from places other than the confines of their own kitchens, there will be positions available for job-seeking charismatics and multitaskers. While restaurant and bar managers will undoubtedly have a variety of questions to pin you with, there are general themes that underline the differences between them.

Primarily, these sorts of interviewers want to know that you will be able to handle not only the high-stress atmosphere of a bar or restaurant, but that you will be able to handle it with good grace and spotless customer service. These types of interviewers will expect you to come prepared to demonstrate your personality, as well as to show them how your skills and charisma differ from the other interviewees trying for the same position.

Tips to Remember

In situations where interviewers are looking to gauge personality as an important asset, always be prepared with stories about yourself. They might take the shape of instances where certain struggles were overcome or instances where your skills are brightly displayed. Either way, a story allows you the chance to share your personality and simultaneously provide an excellent image of yourself as both a person and an employee. Stories give you the freedom to express humor and other amiable qualities that will come in handy when dealing with actual customers, and it is highly likely that you will have the chance to share one in an interview for a position in a restaurant or bar.

Remember to become calm, cool, and collected shortly before the interview so you can remain that way for its duration. Nerves can make it difficult to demonstrate one’s personality accurately, and a few breathing exercises before the interview could make a world of a difference.

General Skills to Highlight

Personality is not the only asset interviewers at restaurants and bars are looking for. Whether you’re a restaurant cook, a bartender, a waitress, or an owner, you will undoubtedly need to fall back on at least a few of these general skills, which you should highlight in your interview:

  • Charisma – demonstrate your prestigious and unfaltering customer service abilities
  • Teamwork – show how you can work successfully with other people
  • Timeliness – indicate your willingness to be on time in all instances
  • Multitasking – prove your ability to solve multiple problems at once
  • A Listening Ear – demonstrate your keenness to always be open to client stories and complaints

When applying for a position at a bar or restaurant, you need to stand out from the crowd. By demonstrating your personality and ability through stories in addition to your carefully thought-out answers, you can ensure yourself a successful interview.

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