Real Estate Interview Questions

What to Expect in Your Real Estate Interview

One thing to keep in mind while preparing for a real estate interview is that the interviewer will likely ask a variety of questions to try to find out more about your personality. Real estate agents are tasked with working with a variety of people, so your interviewer may shake things up to see how you respond to different kinds of people and scenarios.

In this field, an employer will want to know how successful you’ve been in the past. Expect to field questions about your average sales numbers and the level of difficulty of those transactions. Interviewers will probably be active players in the game, so be prepared to share some of the tips and tricks you’ve used in the past to market yourself and close deals.

Tips to Remember

Success in real estate has a lot to do with what you put into each sale, and preparing for the interview is no different. The better that you know yourself, your skill set and your track record, the better able you’ll be to convey those things to the interviewer. Here are a few tips to keep in mind during your interview:

· Don’t forget to dress the part. You’ll have to consistently dress your best while working in this field, so show them what you’re made of during the interview.

· Come prepared with examples of how you’ve set yourself apart. You’ll have to sell yourself as well as you can sell any home and this is your opportunity to demonstrate what makes you unique.

· Try to be calm, yet confident. A relaxed, but upbeat and self-assured demeanor is an asset in an agent.

General Skills to Highlight

A real estate agent is essentially a salesperson with a pricey commodity, so focus on the areas of your skillset that show you can go the extra mile. Throughout your interview, try to highlight these skills:

  • Organization

    – show your ability to keep paperwork and clients in order

  • Dedication

    – clients may need you to work odd hours, show you’ll do what it takes

  • Creativity

    – some houses don’t sell themselves, so come to the table with ideas

  • Perseverance

    – show you will stick with it no matter how hard it gets

  • Innovation

    – demonstrate your knowledge of new technologies

  • Tenacity

    – illustrate how you can bring all of your skills together and face a challenge head-on

In a real estate interview, you want to show you have the knowledge, skills and drive to get the job done. If you can bring your personality and demonstrate your know-how, your interview is sure to be a success.

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