What Qualifications Would You Be Looking For If You Were Hiring For A Position Subordinate To Yours?

If you are asked to partake in an informational interview, you should be ready to answer questions about your specific company and your industry in its entirety. These questions can be along the lines of: “What qualifications would you be looking for if you were hiring for a position subordinate to yours in the office”

Chances are that if you are the manager of an organization, you have some say in who gets hired. Someone who is subordinate to you could be your assistant or anyone else who holds a lower-ranking position within the business. The interviewer wants to know what skills and experiences need to be cultivated in order for him or her to be a viable candidate in this field.

Points to Emphasize

Keep the following points in consideration when you are discussing useful qualifications.

· Discuss a couple traits that would be useful in your field

· Talk about what kinds of entry-level positions are found at your company

· Mention anything that would be useful in getting an entry-level job in this field

· Talk about anything special you look for that other managers might not look for

The purpose of an informational interview is not necessarily to learn more about your specific company but to learn about how to get started anywhere in your field.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

As long as you give your honest appraisal of what is needed, it should be easy to avoid these common errors.

· Don’t talk about irrelevant traits

· Don’t focus on more experienced positions

· Don’t gloss over the question

· Don’t solely talk about skills or solely talk about experiences

Your response should include a mix of learned skills and valuable experiences that would be an asset for someone attempting to get their foot in the door.

Sample Answer

Discussing the qualifications needed for a subordinate position in your company should go something like this:

You don’t necessarily need a background in marketing in order to get a position at this company, but it certainly helps if you have experience leading a team. Being able to give presentations is particularly useful. Personally, I look for candidates who aren’t afraid to voice their opinions. I know that my ideas aren’t always the best or that they need a little work, so I rely on my assistant and data entry workers from every level of the company in order to give me the assistance I need.

Entry-level jobs do not require the same amount of experience as other positions, but it helps if candidates are coming in with beneficial skills that can be applied to their daily responsibilities.

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