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The production industry can vary greatly by job, but it is the foundation of nearly every aspect of modern life. Production industry jobs can range from harvesting natural resources (such as mining coal, lead, or copper) for energy or supplies to manufacturing itself, which involves the production of goods (often in factories, and encompassing everything from household appliances to electronics to large transportation vehicles). Such jobs can include positions as crew workers, fieldworkers, and factory workers as well as forepersons, management, CEOs and company owners, and distributors who deliver the products to the consumers. With such a great variance in roles involved in this industry, it can be hard to know exactly how to prepare for an interview. Overall, though, it’s important to demonstrate a strong work ethic and a passion for having a hand in producing the goods and services that benefit people the world over.

Tips to Remember

Preparation and performance in any interview, including those for work in the production industry, are both key to successfully landing a job. Here are some tips to remember:

· Arrive on time. Especially in lines of work where meeting or exceeding production goals is critical, it’s important to demonstrate punctuality and time-management skills.

· Be prepared to talk about any previous experience you have or trade-specific skills that make you capable of performing the job.

· If you’re applying for a role in a field that’s new to you—for example, as a line worker in a factory that manufactures a product you haven’t had direct experience with before—make sure to do some research on the company and its products. Prior experience in the specific industry, such as automobiles or electronics, may not be as necessary as your ability to learn the ins and outs quickly.

General Skills to Highlight

The production industry requires skills other fields might not. It’s important to emphasize the following strengths in your interview:

· Consistency – emphasize that you are capable of doing a job to specifications and achieving reliable outcomes each time, especially when manufacturing a consistent product is the goal.

· Attention to Detail – manufacturing and production requires precision, particularly when operating potentially dangerous machinery.

· Physical Capability – it’s crucial that you be physically able to perform a job, particularly if it is a physically demanding factory or field position.

· Leadership – especially if you are interviewing for a position as a foreperson or other management role, the ability to lead a team and fairly and effectively resolve problems that may arise with employees under your supervision is imperative.

No matter what job in the production industry you’re applying for, if you demonstrate your competence, dedication to hard work, and reliable performance, you’ll be sure to have a successful interview.

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