Is There A Basic Philosophy Of The Company Or Organization And, If So, What Is It? (Is It A People-, Service- Or Product-Oriented Business?)

When the interviewee asks you about the basic philosophy of the company, he or she wants to understand the fundamental structure of the company. By understanding this, a candidate will be able to easily understand their place in an organization.

A company can be people-oriented and train or network people. A service-oriented business helps provide technical or customer service with specialized skills. A product-oriented business provides a tangible product that can be rented, leased, purchased. The basic philosophy of an organization drives how each department works within the organization, and also defines how the company or organization provides a unique service to reach consumers.

Points to Emphasize

When you answer this question, make sure that you explain clearly if the company or organization is people-, service-, or product-oriented business. Your company might also be a combination of these different attributes.

  • Talk about the specific product or service that the company offers.
  • Emphasize how the basic philosophy meets the demands of a unique and competitive market.
  • Mention how your job relates to the company’s major orientation.
  • Explain how the available job relates to the basic philosophy of the company.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

In answering this question, you might simply begin to talk about the specific product or service that you provide. By so doing, you do not product the fundamental, conceptual structure of the company that will give the interviewee a clear understanding of the organization.

  • Do not describe only your department or office’s role in the company.
  • Be careful not to spend a lot of time talking about specific company products or services.
  • Avoid explanations of company policies.
  • Do not describe shortcomings of the company in achieving its basic philosophy.

Sample Answer

An example of good answer to this question could go something like the following:

ABC Company is a service-oriented organization. We provide technical support for our client’s network infrastructure. Each member of our team provides outreach to clients to keep their networks running fast and effectively. The company has a unique market is that we are the only certified organization that can service XYZ networking systems, which are used across the nation.

As you share with the interviewee the basic structure and function of the company, the candidate will come to easily identify how he or she could contribute to the overall goal of the company. Your clear explanations of the unique positive qualities of the company that help it achieve its basic philosophy will make the company attractive to interviewees.

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