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What to Expect in a Personal Services Interview

Personal services can range from providing medical care to keeping an employer’s house spick and span on a regular basis. Personal services, while spectacularly varied, always follow one common rule: they are tasks performed for individuals. Therefore, when approaching a personal services interview, be prepared to be thoroughly in tune with yourself as both a person and as an employee. Expect questions that not only probe your professional expertise, but also your personality and personal attributes. Employers looking to hire someone for personal services are not merely looking for someone to fill an available cubicle. These employers are seeking out individualized and personalized care in some form or another and will be actively interested in who you are, not only as a worker, but also as a person.

Tips to Remember

Successfully prepare yourself for an interview of this nature by remembering a few quick and easy tips.

· Keep your resume fresh. Make sure that you have checked over your resume recently and updated it as necessary. Familiarize yourself with the skills and attributes you list and prepare for being asked detailed questions about those skills.

· Be aware of your employer’s needs. Since this is individualized care, you will need to be acquainted with the specifics of what your job will entail ahead of time and equip your resume arsenal appropriately.

· Know what you stand for. Keep a few stories or personal traits handy that you want your interviewer to remember about you.

Keep in mind that you will need to present yourself not only as an active worker bee, but also as a sympathetic and friendly individual.

General Skills to Highlight

Every employee engaged in personal services must be prepared with a few common skills across the board. In particular, it is suggested to highlight these specific abilities as being a part of your repertoire:

  • Empathy – demonstrate an aptitude for connecting with your employer
  • Positivity – be prepared for any sort of situation with a customer service smile
  • Expertise – show your ability to get the task done right
  • Self-Motivation – make your determination to complete jobs apparent
  • Timeliness – establish your willingness to come prepared and always on time

Strive to ensure that your interviewer knows both who you are and what you can do for them. Making sure to exhibit yourself as competent, well meaning, and professional is key to having a memorable and positive experience in a personal services interview.

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